If you got here because you need professional help for the websites and web applications you want to develop, or if you need IT consultancy, then you came to the right place.

We have dedicated the last few years to study the activities of people and companies and to develop web applications that make that activities most efficient. Some websites we have developed are used only to present some services and activities or to sell some products, other have been extended and are used now as internal applications by all the empolyees, no matter where they are on the globe.

Take a look, convince yourself that what we have done until now is interesting or not, that contact us for an offer.

About us and services we provide

We offer entire range of IT services starting the initial free consult, continuing with the develope and deliver of the project and finishing with the it''s maintenance and promotion.

From the Excel files & spreadsheets to databases

When you need something more than the Excel spreadsheets can offer you we can help you make the transition to a system managing your databases efficiently.

Websites and web development using databases

We design websites that can be used to present the products and services for an individual or an institution, but we can develop them a lot more than a simple presentation.

Web design responsive

web design responsiveHow responsive is the design of your website and the web application you use often? The search engines started some time ago to penalize the sites that are not shown correctly on mobile devices (that's because an important part of the traffic comes from smartphones and tablets), and now the responsive desine is considered a standard of web pages.
The web applications we developed have also a responsive design (or, at least, that's the tendency because we couldn't do it every time) because of a very simple reason: you may need certain data from time to time and you only have a smartphine. You could call your mates to tell you all the information you need, but wouldn't be easier to see them yourself, by accessing the reports?
The web technologies we use depend of each project, of what client wants to get using that page or application. Their selection is done after the initial consulting, but what we usually use was developed to get quality results.
More: the technology evolves in time, and some tools and technologies became obsolete (they don't get updated or they can't get the clients' desired results or the things required by the search engines whos rules change constantly, and the search engine optimization along with them). Our experience over the last decade and some years help us gather enough knowledge to choose the technologies and tools best to build a web site or an app efficient for you.
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html css javascript


Optimizare pentru motoarele de căutare


search engine optimizationSearch engine optimization is still important, even when (in many cases) the most traffic comes from Facebook, No matter the strategy you are choosing for promoting your website, it should be optimized for search engine because on medium and long term in the future they will win the game against any social network.
SEO starts from site development because it involves a specific structure to make easy to use and fast when accessed. Our sites are delived already optimized, and for the medium and long time strategy we can offer you some advices (after a few years of activity in online we can do at least this).