One of the errors triggered by the usage of extensions created for previous Joomla versions looks like this:

Joomla Fatal error: Class classname cannot extend from interface JController

The reason: It looks like the interface JController has been removed, and now you have to specify which controller you're using.

So, the following code

$controller = JController::getInstance('classname');

will become

$controller = JControllerAdmin::getInstance('classname');

Also, there is one thing you should change:

class ClassnameController extends JController

will become


class ClassnameController extends JControllerAdmin

Some of you are familiar with this Wordpress error, it appears from time to time depending of what plugins you have installed. I've met it earlier when I upgraded an Wordpress package to version 3.5 and the plugins on that particular website triggered this error... and locked me out for a few minutes from the administrator section.

The solution  was very simple: I logged in using the ftp, I renamed the plugin directory and I tried to access again the administrator section. Of course, another error appeared: some plugin files were missing. I renamed the plugin directory to the original name and the access was restored.

Usually you can find that directory in your-wordpress-directory/wp-content/plugins/. A lot of people are installing wordpress package in the root of their blog, but that is not a rule, it's just a habit.

programmer eye No comment. It’s clear there is a difference between normal people see and a programmer sees.

One important thing of the search engine optimization is creating backlinks for your website(s). Google does not put in consideration as before the page rank based on these backlinks, but it is important: it is one of the things that make the difference when duplicate content appears (from any reason at all). The backlinks remain important by themeself because the are "points of entrance" of the people that sees the link, consider the title important and follows it. If your content really is interesting, and people like it, when the potential visitor sees another links from the same website he/she may conside following them base on the good impresion from the previous visit.

Backlinks on social media is a distinct part of the SEO. If the "regular" backlinks remain online for weeks, months or even years (depending the targeted website) the social media links to your website usually remain in other people attenion for hours or, in happy cases, weeks. In the best cases the content of the article you are linking at can become viral and you will get hundreds or thousands visits in matter of hours.

When creating backlinks you can either add them manually or to create/use scripts that do it for you automatically. The search engine will see them all (if you give them enough time) and they will consider/index some of them, depending on the established links. The human visitors will consider only the links they see and found interesing... so our advice is to combine automatic and manual backlinking, regular backlinking and social media. For more detailes informatios contact us... we offer consultancy and SEO services for clients.

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