There are many things taking into consideration whe you are designing a website, from how it looks, how it behaves (and if it's user friendly or not), if it's functional and all the functionalities are working properly. The testers should spend al least several hours hitting buttons, displaying the pages on different devices and so on.

But when search engine optimization is involved, the work doesn't stop when the website is finished. For some people the work starts from the moment when the site is online. Having a good looking functional website is good, being responsive and having https enabled is even better, but the content of the website is king.

Having a good content and having an unique content is necessary for the site to grow. Posting the content frequently, not too little but not too much, is something you should consider. You don't think you have time for that? It doesn't matter, make time or hire someone to do that. The images have to be clear, but not too big (downloading them on smartphone or table in the middle of nowhere, with poor intenet connection will make visitors run away), and the text should be a lot, with big fonts so everyone could see on any device.

This should be the main ideas. For details ask questions.

We create websites to present your activity to the world and applications for internet that help you organize your activity as eficient as possible and without loses (in money, time and energy) whatever you are while you are online. You only need an internet domain, space on a server and the app we develop for you.

The search engine optimisation part is very important for websites - they have to match certain criteria in order to appear as often as possible in the search results. We analize your website and we offer consultancy about the options you have about to boost its visibility and organic traffic.

We develop web applications and mobile apps for various companies and organisations according to their specifications and requirements. The apps are being used by employees and partners to work more efficient and with less costs for the company. We offer support for the applications used now and we develop them further using modern technologies.

We offer consultancy about the informatic system you have installed and we offer sollutions to make the more efficient, to improve and develop them further, we analize the activities inside your company and / organisation and we offer sollutions for the projects you want to develop.