How often do you use the Excel spreadsheets to organize your daily activities? If the answer is ”pretty often" or "so often that I start loosing myself searching for information spread in one dozen or two of files and / or spreadsheets" then listen this: we can organize your information much better that you right now using the web applications and databases.

No, the Excel files & spreadsheets are not database, no matter how often some people say it. You may be one of them, but that doesn't mean that you are right. The databases are something different, and the advantages in working with them are the following:

  • they let you query and list only the information you need (we can generate customized raports especially for you)
  • generating new reports, when the data is changing or new information are available are not a problem. Working with the databases and our applications you will be able to do more than working with the Excel - listing graphical reports, using images, videoclips and other types of files, for example.
  • you fine the information faster and easier, so you can finish the work fater
  • updating the information and adding new data is not a problem, even if working with Excel may seem easier in the beginning. Eventually, it's all about the experience - chaning the system to a new one may be more or less difficult, after the first 2 weeks working with the new system will be a piece of cake.
  • the web application evolve in time, especially for making yor job easier, being optimized by your necessities.
  • you can access the information remotly, from smartphone, tablet or PC, no matter where you are on the planet (you only need an internet connection) - you can update some information, or you can just check something (anything). The Excel files allow updating and checking only if you take them with you.
  • using web application you and your team mates can work on that data together, without sending all the files via emails. Also, you can immediately see what updates or new entries were made by your mates.

Contact us in order to explain you in details how the thinks are being done and to make you an offer. It would be a real help if you already know what you want to do when you contact us and you only need our help to put your ideas into a form. If you haven't find out yet what you want it's not a problem: we will consult you about your problem and we'll find together a solution to it.

We create websites to present your activity to the world and applications for internet that help you organize your activity as eficient as possible and without loses (in money, time and energy) whatever you are while you are online. You only need an internet domain, space on a server and the app we develop for you.

The search engine optimisation part is very important for websites - they have to match certain criteria in order to appear as often as possible in the search results. We analize your website and we offer consultancy about the options you have about to boost its visibility and organic traffic.

We develop web applications and mobile apps for various companies and organisations according to their specifications and requirements. The apps are being used by employees and partners to work more efficient and with less costs for the company. We offer support for the applications used now and we develop them further using modern technologies.

We offer consultancy about the informatic system you have installed and we offer sollutions to make the more efficient, to improve and develop them further, we analize the activities inside your company and / organisation and we offer sollutions for the projects you want to develop.