The site for a services provider in Bucharest in several fields of activity: for public aquisitions the Best Project Team offer consultancy for setting development strategies, consutancy in management (for developing and implementation of projects for public authorities, companies and non-guvernamental organisations), consultancy and public aqusitions, architecture and interior design.

It's the presentation site for a young and dynamic team from Socodor, Arad county, Romania, that offers you high quaity products: dresses for dancing and gala, costumes for dancing for children and adults.

The website for the Natural Resourse and Sustainable Development edited by the Enviromental Protection Faculty from the University of Oradea, Romania and the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management from the University of Debrecen, Hungary.

The website Dr. Alexandru Spînu was designed for the stomatologist to introduce his services (dental implant in Oradea, piezo surgery, etc) and the very well equipped office where he is treating his patients.

The website Dr. Elena Bașa was created for the doctor to have a better dialog with her patients and to let people know about herself, about her work, about the people she is addresing to.

The website is presenting the services of the company Sanmar Instal located in Oradea: they offer consultancy about the natural gas, they project and build instalation for natural gas and heating, they maintain and repair clients's equipment (the full list is aici - Romanian language only).

The purpose of the website is to let people sell their products and to purchase the products sold by other people. You don't need an account to purchase (but we recommend registering), but you need an account and the payment of a monthly subscription to sell on site.

The CMS used is Joomla with Community Builder (that allows easy administration to the site, its content and its users) and an extension created by us to allow users to administrate their products, their sales and their orders.

You can access it here.

The client wanted a website where to present the activities of personal cabinet of accounting expertise, evaluation and insolvency Beie Eliza-Camelia - they offer services to business men, companies and everyone in Oradea and Bihor county in several fields. We used an responsive design, accordingly to the current requirements and a CMS that allows the users to administrate very easy all the sections of the website. The site was delivered already optimized for search engines.

The CMS used for the site is Joomla, its purpose is to present all the information necessary for the Joomla extensions sold using it.

Some of the components, modules and plugins we develop go into production from the beginning (they are used on site by our clients), others are developed to be sell under licence. The second category of Joomla extensions can be found on

The client wanted the search engine optimization for several online stores for sex toys (the main one is and the blog used to support them ( The CMS used for the store is Prestashop, and the one used for the blog is Wordpress.

We create websites to present your activity to the world and applications for internet that help you organize your activity as eficient as possible and without loses (in money, time and energy) whatever you are while you are online. You only need an internet domain, space on a server and the app we develop for you.

The search engine optimisation part is very important for websites - they have to match certain criteria in order to appear as often as possible in the search results. We analize your website and we offer consultancy about the options you have about to boost its visibility and organic traffic.

We develop web applications and mobile apps for various companies and organisations according to their specifications and requirements. The apps are being used by employees and partners to work more efficient and with less costs for the company. We offer support for the applications used now and we develop them further using modern technologies.

We offer consultancy about the informatic system you have installed and we offer sollutions to make the more efficient, to improve and develop them further, we analize the activities inside your company and / organisation and we offer sollutions for the projects you want to develop.